African Musician Arrested For Smacking a Fan For Touching His Bling

Touch My Bling and Get Slapped


Sometimes life can be so unfortunate for the fortunate. Well, you might be wondering what this means, but just stay put and get the reality of this as it unfolds. A great and well known African musician was very lucky to get an invitation to perform in an all-star music concert, in Nairobi City. He was very happy because this was his moment to show the world, that he was indeed the African king of dance hall music. Upon arrival, he was well received by a multitude of his fans at the airport. He was well dressed in the latest fashion designer clothes. Gold and silver jeweler hanged around his neck too. One of his fans accidentally touched his necklace, and the musician, because of his pride, responded with a slap that sent the fan kissing the floor. Without wasting much time, the police arrived at the scene and the musician was arrested for assaulting an innocent person. According to Kenyan laws, it is a crime to assault an innocent person, and doing so will lead to an automatic arrest. The musician had been very fortunate to get an invitation to the all-star music concert, but unfortunate enough to land in jail before performing in the great concert because of his stupid actions. I am sure that next time, he will consider the terms Crime,Stupid,Arrest and other related terminologies before stretching his arm to hit an innocent person.