T.I and Tiny Are Finally Ready To Call It Quits…… or Nah!

T.I and Tiny Have Been Clashing Badly


Rapper T.I and his Tiny have been I relationship for six years now, they become husband and wife in 2010 after exchanging their vows in Miami Beach in Florida. Up to now, the family has three children, King who is the eldest, plant and Diana. However, the latest news now shows that the two partners have divorced. The divorce started has speculation on the relationship of the two on Facebook.The cause of the divorce is said to be caused by lack of faithful among them. On one of the post, Tiny admitted that she was cheating on the rapper.

There also arose another rumors that Tiny has been told not to travel with the rapper even though they are taking care of their three children. Tiny is also planning to deny T.I from seeing his kids although of recent the kids are meeting regularly with their father and T.I had posted a short video on his Instagram feeding his younger kid, Heiress.

T. I has also made a lot of additional speculation over the couples relationship when he did a interview on Angie Martinez were he stated that he felt that his marriage to Tiny had been nothing more than a distraction from building on his empire and expanding his brand. He received immediate backlash for his statement and he and alleged mistress Bernice Burgos had been getting drug all over social media.