Racist Gwinnett Police Officers Have Formally Been Charged in The Beating of Black Motorist

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Racist Cop’s Are Being Charged in the Beating of Black Motorist

After the gruesome incident of two cops beating up a motorist who was black, several theories started spreading behind the reason of such unfateful event. Victim driver Demetrius Hollins was not given any opportunity to speak and in spite of his request to call his mom, the two cops from Georgia Police Department ruthlessly pulled Mr. Hollins out of his car, hit him with a taser and beat him to the ground with their legs. The constant stomping put the victim in a bad condition the entire scene was recorded over the mobile phone by a bystander in the vicinity.

This ruthless and inconsiderable act by law keepers Sgt. Michael Bongiovanni and his associate Officer Robert McDonald got them fired from their positions in Gwinnett County Police, putting entire Georgia police to shame. This police brutality is not the first of its kind and victim like Demetrius Hollins constantly face threats and offense from the very cops who are responsible for the safeguard of public. The investigation has begun to understand the reasons behind such unethical actions by the duty cops. Reports are pouring in with an opinion by people and the department agreeing to the fact that such an action was totally unnecessary and the court will see the guilty will be punished as per the terms of Georgia Police department for such deliberate mistakes.

Though Mr. Hollins was charged with possession of Marijuana with a quantity of less than an ounce, cops did not have any right to treat the charged in such an inhuman manner. They could have interrogated him using a proper procedure as per the guidelines, instead, the cops found it easy to take the law into their own hands. Worst part is Hollins even raised his hands up and was not fighting back or anything as such but he was not given a chance.

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