What Caused Facebook Killer Steve Stephens To “Snap” And Commit Murder

Steve Stephen’s The Facebook Killer

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Stephen, who goes by the name “Stevie Steve,” on Facebook uploaded a video were he hoped out of his vehicle and approached an older gentleman who was on his way back home after spending the day with his family and friends and began to question the older gentleman right before shooting him at close range for no other reason, other than the fact that he was upset that his girlfriend had broken up with him and nobody was listening to his frustration.

Police Immediately jump into action and with the help of the media and nation wide outcry , regarding how the suspect was so cold blooded in the execution of the old man live on Facebook led into a three day man hunt for the suspect between  four states. Police had eventually located the murder suspect, thanks to an observant McDonald’s cashier who noticed him in the drive-thru, trying to make an order.Police  Barricaded the suspect, so Stephen’s ultimately turned his own gun on himself and ended his own life.

The media had been able to speak with Stephen’s long time girlfriend over the recent turn of event’s , were she explained that the relationship had not been going well for the last year and she had decided to break things off with Stephen’s. Joy also explained that he had always been a genuinely good guy and she just didn’t understand how he could of been so angry over the break-up that he decided to do harm to others.

The victims family has since reached out to Stephen’s girlfriend and explained to her that they do not hold any ill will towards her and understand that she was a victim in this whole ordeal as well . People that had been closed to Stephen’s still can’t understand how did his life go wrong so fast.