Runaway Horse Closes Down A Pennsylvania Intersection

Runaway Horse Closes Down A Pennsylvania Intersection

A runaway horse has been captured by police in Philadelphia. The horse has been found running loose across a traditional street after ebbing away from its original stable. What really caused the horse to runaway from its stable? Is your quest for a funny, crazy story or weird recent current event? Well, the story of the runaway horse in Philadelphia will make you scratch your head in laughter.

On Friday morning, traffic in Philadelphia returned to a halt while police chased an escaped horse. At about 7:30 AM, witnesses first discovered the runaway horse wandering the intersection of Girard Avenue and Richmond Street in Port Richmond.

Shortly after some time, the Philadelphia police came to the spot of the event and started tracking down the spry horse. This allowed the police to get into a slow-speed pursue through the entire environment in about 11/2 hours.

The horse is called Big Mama according Stephon Tolbert the owner. Tolbert mentioned that the horse escaped from his Strawberry Mansion without any cause. After escape, Big Mama finally took to the street and started wandering from one place to another.

The funny story about the escaped horse is that after Stephon opened the stable, Big Mama gained momentum and knocked down the owner. Since Big Mama now has the strength of ten horses, Tolbert eventually let loose the dog of vandalism and death.

The Philadelphia police manage to guide and move the escaped horse in a well-designed trailer. The police further tries to create a caravan that accompanied Big Mama back home. After the entire event, Stephon Tolbert made his gratitude to the police officers for helping to calm down the funny story. Tolbert also mentioned that without the Philadelphia police officers, the bizarre capturing of his horse will not have occurred. If you have a stable where horses are managed, then ensure to check the character of your horse before allowing them out. It may lead to a bizarre and funny escape.