Man on The Run From Police Gets Away, Then Brags On SnapChat With Location On

Social Media and Foolishness 

Christopher Wallace , 24 was on the run from the laws for his involvement in a burglary of cooking equipment and a missing propane cooking stove. Staying one step ahead of the police Mr. Wallace avoided arrest by fleeing the small town were he lived to hide out for a few days until the were off his trail, everything went well for the most part until Christopher decided to hope his Snap Chat account and post about how he was back in town after being on the run. A tipster notified the police that Chris was back in town and was staying his house. Police rushed to the residence to place him under arrest but Chris was long gone, or so they thought… Chris decided that he would log back on to Snap Chat and brag about how the police were just at his house but could find him because he was hiding in the kitchen cabinet.

Police returned back to the residence shortly after the post and were able to arrest Chris while he was hiding out in the same cabinet.