Crazy Microphone Gaffe Catches a Surprising Confession

The Hot Mic

A joke here and there makes our days shorter and our lives more interesting. You might be walking around town with a friend and you want to crack a funny joke about someone you just saw. All you need to do is lower your voice and say it since it would be inappropriate said aloud. You both have a good laugh and you get away with it. Most of us get away with it most of the times.

However, if you are a news anchor, a politician or a celebrity with hidden mics all around you, you might not always be as lucky. In a Fox News interview on August 2008, Earnest Borgnine was one unlucky man. When asked the secret to his long life, he laughed and said that he won’t tell. Then with an urge to let out a joke, he whispered to the interviewer, ‘ I masturbate a lot’. Unfortunately, it was caught on mic and viewers were left judging if that was funny or not.