Top 5 Famous Rappers That Were On Fire, Then Dissappeared

Rapper’s That Disappeared From The Rap Game


Trinidad James

Trinidad James used to be one of the most popular rappers back in 2012 with the release of his hit song ” All Gold Everything” since then he has been dropped from his record label Def jam and his rap career has pretty much ended. Trinidad James has made some guest appearance on a few tracks but his buzz in the hip hop world is definitely over.

Young Joc

Young Joc was at one point in time the hottest rapper in Atlanta with his break on the scene with his 2006 hit “It’s going down” the track itself was very catchy and went multi-platinum within months. Joc also had a lot of success with other release during the height of his popularity,but eventually his buzz died down and he is no longer even mentioned in the world of hip hop.


Rapper/Singer Houston was on his way to super stardom when he originally came out back in 2004 with his hit “I Like That” the record went gold within a few weeks on the billboard top 100 and he became one of the largest rap artist in demand. The success must of started to get to him because in 2005 he was having an emotional break down while on PCP which caused him to make an attempt at suicide, although he did not kill himself, he did gouge out his left eye with a plastic fork leaving him partly blind. Nobody has been checking for him since.


Chingy was never that much of a rapper, but did come into the rap game at a perfect time and was able to capitalize on the popularity of the sound of Missouri . Thanks to already popular break out star Nelly. Chingy had a popular hit titled ” Right Thurr” which boosted the young rapper to the mainstream for a short period of time. Chingy then became involved in a dispute with his record label DTP (Disturbing The Peace) which was owned by fellow rapper Ludacris. The Label eventually dropped Chingy from it’s rooster and he has been washed up since.

Mike Jones

The popular Houston Rapper came on the scene with his 2005 hit ” Still Tippin” and immediately had the whole rap world asking “Who is Mike Jones”. The rapper had a good run in the rap game for about two years and then he lost weight and now nobody listens to his music.