Why is Speaker of The House Paul Ryan Such a Major Failure

Paul Ryan Still Trying To Repeal Something

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Even before he took over as the Speaker of the House of Representatives is 2005, Paul Ryan has always been in the limelight for various reasons. Even though some of them have been good, he always seems to be doomed for misfortune most of the time.

The most recent case is his failed attempt at dethroning the revolutionary Obama Care from the hearts of the people and replacing it with his own “Ryancare” version. The funny thing is, it is not even the people who kicked the bill to the curb, it is his own house. For a man who has everything and everyone on his side, what makes him fail so much?

For starters, he is the Speaker of the House of Representatives just in case you forgot. Secondly, he is a member of the ruling party which holds the highest number of members in the two chambers (he does have control of both chambers) and the icing on the cake is, he has a president who is more than willing to see anything with the name “Obama” in it crash mercilessly to the ground. With such heavy odds stacked in his favor, it is hard to see why his efforts came up short.

But then again, he has never had much success when it comes to bills and amendments. With about 13 years in the house, he has sponsored 70 bills and co-sponsored close to a thousand others. Out of the 70, only two were enacted into law and later on passed. The 975 others that he co-sponsored had only 176 seeing the light of day. It seems like the only thing he is very successful at is getting re-elected back to the house. Of course, all these come after a failed jab at a seat in the Senate.

Let us just hope that the next time he comes up with something that will be worth his own house’s attention, the gods will be with him.