Sex Crazed Teacher Fired And Arrested For Love Affair with Teen

Teacher Fired And Arrested For Love Affair with Teen


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Tara Yvonne Stumph , who is now a former teacher at Arroyo Grande High School has been sentenced to prison time following her love affair with a sixteen year old minor. The teacher who also is a mother of three and a married women, plead no contest to her felony charges at her court hearing and is now on her way to jail.

The police had received multiple tips regarding the teacher’s kinky love affair with the student, that she originally denied, but once police were able to follow up on more leads confirming the teachers affair she was arrested and booked on charges of sexual abuse against a minor and lying to police.
The boy’s family have also filed a lawsuit against the school district, alleging that the school was aware of the teachers passed sexual relationships with other male students at the school but did nothing to ensure their child’s safety was being maintained.