Jay-Z And Beyonce Have a Romantic Anniversary Trip Around The World

Beyonce &  Jay-Z Around The World

Sensuous couple Beyoncé and Jay Z were spotted on a much-speculated vacation in Tahiti. The so-called baby-moon garnered headlines as the couple wanted to keep it a secret and peacefully celebrate the anniversary. Kudos to Bey and Jay for keeping it secret, but we got some insights into their trip and here are the details.

Their stay was at sumptuous Intercontinental Bora Bora for five nights and four days. Sources tell that arrangements were made in a luxurious over water villa, which was accessible by steamer only. Just for information, charges for a night are approximately $1300, making it $6500 for the complete package. Well certainly Bey-Jay can afford it.

The vacation was not very shriek and exciting rather relaxing and soothing for the couple. They were mostly inside the villa. While Jaz was seen skiing for a couple of times, Beyoncé preferred to remain inside. The couple went into the water for few hours and spent some quality time on the deck. Crew people told us that couple was enjoying privacy and had a wonderful time away from their fans. Mostly they were with each other, enjoying, reading, taking naps and roaming in the villa. They were extremely happy with the villa personnel, gave them autographs and clicked few selfies as well. Couple was immensely grateful for the services it received.

The couple also went for a few nights in Tetiaroa Island, details of which are not entirely known to us. Ultimately, they were back to LA via a private jet. Bey took it to Instagram to thank her fans and expressed her love for their upcoming twins, while posing with a baby bump.

The couple’s babymoon has been in headlines since they announced that they are expecting twins. Following doctor’s advice Bey had to pull out from much awaited Coachella Music Festival, Lady Gaga will be in the main event now.