Troy Ave Makes a Very Bad & Bold Claim About Being The Next 2pac

Troy Ave Really Think He The Next 2pac

Troy Ave is a upcoming rapper from New York that has next to no buzz in the hip hop game when it comes to Drake,Kendrick Lemar, & J. Cole  but that didn’t stop the rapper from stopping by the breakfast club to do a brief interview about what has been happening in his life and his recent prison stint from a shoot out that he had in a nightclub last year that resulted in a few people getting shot and him getting arrested for attempted murder, which the charges were later change when a surveillance video was released showing Troy Ave was only returning fire after the suspect began shooting at him and his entourage almost proving that it was self defense.

Troy Ave interview was very entertaining to listen to for the most part, but the standout part of the interview was when the non-platinum artist that debut album only sold 4k copies made the comment that he was feeling like he was the next 2pac……….it’s good to think highly of yourself but to compare yourself to one of the most iconic hip-hop  artist in the world just means that he is surround by to many people that aren’t keeping his best interest in mind. Charlamane Tha God please give Troy Ave the biggest donkey of the day.