The Doors Are Closing Fast On The Trump Administration as FBI Closes In

Donald Trump Staff is Fleeing or Being Fired


Donald Trump’s right hand man Steve Bannon has been removed of his position in the Trump administration as the FBI’s investigation into his administrations ties to Russian hacking for during the presidential election in the 2016. Donald Trump has made it clear that he had no involvement in any hacking of the election or with Russia. He has been having a lot of trouble distancing himself from the ongoing investigation from the FBI ,due to the fact the his top advisor Michael Flynn had been exposed working with the Russian ambassador about removing some of the pending sanctions placed against them by the Obama administration.

Steve Bannon immediate demotion does appear to have come at a really strange time, since Michael Flynn has offered to testify for the FBI  in exchange for immunity from jail time  and prosecution. Easy to say that Michael Flynn must have some really incriminating evidence against him, if he was removed from Trump’s inner circle that quickly.