Bill O’reilly Is Finally Feeling The Burn From Years of Sexism

Bill O’reilly & Fox News Under Fire


Bill O’reilly has always touted himself as straight a narrow conservative that always has gives the facts and nothing more, but this past week Bill O’reilly faced criticism after saying that he was not paying any attention U.S Representative Maxine Waters because he was distracted by her James Brown wig. Black Twitter wasted no time clapping back clowning Bill O’reilly about his pending sexual harassment cases and his failed marriage to his wife and the fact that he lost custody of kids. He did release a half hearted apology following the public backlash, where he said that he meant it as a compliment and that he was a huge James Brown fan.

All that recent media attention  must of gave some new attention to Bill O’reilly in a bad way, because so far three women have come forward alleging that they have been sexually harassed by the Fox news anchor and now sponsors are fleeing at a rapid pace and Fox news is struggling to keep advertisers onboard for his show “The O’reilly Factor” After years of racism and sexism, it seems Mr. O’reilly is finally getting punished for it.