XXXTentation Is Free From Jail & The Beef With Drake is on!

XXXTentation Vs Drizzy Drake


XXXTentation has finally been released from jail after serving a brief sentence from a domestic violence charge against him from his ex-girlfriend and the newly released rapper has made it clear that he is going after Drake for stealing is flow and trying to pass it off as his own. Drake has been really quite regarding the accusations against him by  xxxtentation , but most of the young rappers fan base called drake out for stealing is flow and mimicking the style of XXXtentation popular song “Look at Me” with Drakes version called “KMT”



One of  the young fans even did a match up of XXXTentation song “Look at me” and Drakes “KMT” and the similarities cannot be ignored, even if you are a diehard Drake fan you have to acknowledge the fact that Drake did bite this rappers sound and flow for his own personal gain and that is why the two are beefing.

The Match up

Drake is an extremely talented rapper/actor  and is definitely at the top of the hip hop/ rap game and no other rapper is close, but Drake has had a very bad past of being exposed for stealing other people’s material or songs and passing them off as his own. A example of  this came to light last year when singer D.R.A.M had a smash hit dominating the charts/billboards called “Cha – Cha” and Drake released a song at first title “Cha-Cha remix” then he renamed it “Hotline Bling” even though D.R.A.M song was very successful Drake’s hotline bling ruined any chances of radio play for D.R.A.M.

Meek Mill also accused Drake of not writing his own lyrics  last year and even showed proof that Drake had been using a ghost writer (Quentin Miller) to make songs for him, such as “Rico , 10 bands, With My Woes. Drake wasted no time with responding to Meek Mills claims with a diss record entitled “Charged-up” and then he followed up with the death blow to Meek Mills career “Back 2 Back”.




The Weeknd has never accused Drake of stealing any of his material, but the popular singer has made comments regarding when he was first coming into the entertainment industry, he was so desperate to his big break in the music industry that he willingly gave Drake all of his album and material for Drake’s most popular and highest selling album to date “Take Care” which was riddle with The Weeknd’s style lyrics and music ; with the platinum single released “Crew Love ft The Weeknd” (even though it was his song).