Rich Homie Quan Swears Up & Down He Hasn’t Fallen Off!

Rich Homie Quan Been Ice

Rich Homie Quan has been off of the music scene for almost two years and has just announced a new project he was planning on releasing some time late this month or early next month. Fans started to immediately clown the Atlanta rapper saying that Rich Homie ain’t had no hits in the last two years and ain’t nobody gonna be checking for his new album. Rich Homie Quan didn’t take to kindly to all the criticism he was receiving via social media and decided to let everybody know on his Instagram that he got plenty of money and plenty of music on the way for his fans.

Rich Homie Quan does have a point when it comes to why he has been so slow with releasing new music and a lot of the issues he was having was behind the scenes with his record label, who he had been suing due to unpaid royalties and accusations that they were stealing from him. Rich Homie Quan has since settled his legal dispute and has signed with Mo-Town records and is looking to make a comeback.



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