HipHop Mogul Bryan “Baby” Williams Has Been Sued So Much

Baby Has Been Sued Over 30 times

 Bryan Baby” Williams is one of the biggest rap moguls in the entertainment industry next to Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter and Sean “P-Diddy” Combs and has massed a total net worth of 325 million dollars and has managed and co-owned with his brother Cash Money Records and have sold a combined total of records of 110 million records sold between many of it’s A-list artist in the last decade such as ; Juvenile, B.G, Lil Wayne, Drake & Nicki Minaj  just to name a few, but  during the during the past decade Cash Money has been sued almost by half of their artist claiming non-payment of royalties and m0ney mismanagement.


Lil Wayne is one of the most known artist that has filed a 50 million dollar lawsuit against his record label claiming that he had never received payment from a deal Cash Money Records & Young Money made with Universal Records  for an contract advancement for 100 million dollars. Lil Wayne claimed that Baby pocketed the funds and he was never compensated for his record label Young Money which is home to the most popular artist Drake & Nicki Minaj. Baby and his lawyers have been delaying the legal trail, which has been preventing him from getting any type of settlement. Lil Wayne has retaliated by refusing to release any new music for the record label the last two years.

Juvenile also sued Cash Money Records back in the early 2000’s , claim that is multi-platinum  debut record 400 degrees which sold 9 million copies world wide and he was never properly compensated. He did manage to resolve his issues with the record label and did re-sign with them for a brief period, but left the label again due to the same issues of non -payment.

Turk was with Cash Money Records when the label was originally established in the early 90’s and was a part of the multi-platinum group the Hot Boyz . Turk had been arrested a few years ago and spent almost 10 years in prison for a shoot out he had with the police. Turk was released from prison a few years ago and filed a 2 million dollar lawsuit against Cash Money Records, the lawsuit was settled out of court with a lump sum payment by Cash Money Records.

B.G was also a multi-platinum solo artist with Cash Money Records and also a part of the popular rap group the “Hot Boyz” B.G has never filed a actual lawsuit against the record label but he has come out on multiple occasions and claimed that Bryan “Baby” Williams  had been robbing him while he was with the record label and took advantage of him while he was going through issues of drug addiction.

Producers have also been lining up with lawsuits against the record label claiming non-payment for beats and other music sampling. The range of producers that have sued the label or have claimed they have not been paid are; inde, avid Banner ,Bangladesh & the list goes on. Do you think all these lawsuits are valid.