3 of The Biggest Lies President Donald Trump Has Told So Far

The Many Lies Of Donald Trump

donald trump

Donald Trump has made a lot of promises through his campaign while running for president of the United States and now with the election is over and Donald Trump has emerged victorious and   the 45th president of the United States he has begun to ignore all his prior promises that he made while running for office.

Tax Returns

Donald Trump claimed that he was going through a routine tax audit by the IRS and would be releasing his tax returns as soon as they are done. The IRS released a statement stating that even though he is going through a tax audit they are not preventing him from releasing his returns. Donald Trump then stated after he won the presidential election that he would not be releasing his tax returns and even had the assistance of the republican party to assist him with preventing his taxes from being released. Mind you these are the same people that continued to bash and attack president Obama about his birth certificate, even though it was provided on multiple  occasions when he was elected and after his presidency.

Dakota access Pipeline

President trump rescinded  a previous executive order President Obama placed  to prevent the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline and even made a comment that this would be a great opportunity for American workers for employment for working on the pipeline and even said that they were going to be using “AMERICAN MADE STEEL” but as we all know as soon as the ink was dry on that executive order for the pipeline -The company responsible for constructing the project released a statement saying the steel would not be American made ……



Mexico Border Wall

Donald Trump also insisted that we were going to build a wall to prevent any illegal immigration from neighboring country Mexico and claimed that he was going to make Mexico pay for it and they would be happy to do so, not only had Mexico refused to fund any boarder wall, the president of Mexico also canceled a meeting with him due to claims that all Mexicans were rapist and thieves. Donald Trump has now back peddle from his position after finding out there was no way that he could force Mexico to pay for it and now said America will be paying for it and Mexico will reimburse  us for it. (no they will not)