Woman bites her husband during a passionate drunk love making session

Woman Bites off More than she could chew

Drunken Ohio woman, Jennifer Hickman has found herself  on the wrong side of the law.  The trouble all started after Mrs. Hickman and her husband had enjoyed one to many drinks poolside at the Southernmost Beach Resort and decided to take the party back to their hotel room for a hot steamy nightcap of loving making. The couple began to have intercourse once they arrived in their hotel room, but the situation immediately went left when Mrs. Hickman bit her husband and began beating him like a “dirty rug”.

Concerned hotel staff and guest alerted the police to the confrontation going on in room “409”. Police arrived to find a half naked man in the corner in the fetal position, taking a verbal tongue lashing from a drunk Mrs. Hickman. Police were able to take immediate action and arrest Jennifer Hickman on the spot and charge her with misdemeanor assault and battery.