Moron Stages His Own Kidnapping In Hopes of Scamming His Mother

Man Stages his own Abduction, But Mother Refuses To Pay $200 Bucks for Him

Zachery Logsdon was is a stay at home burn out living with his mother and often times bumming her out of cash to support his daily habit of purchasing drugs, his mother had grown tired of her son’s behavior and decided to cut him off of his freeloading lifestyle in the hopes that her child would go get a job and stop being such a bum.

Zachery on the other hand, had a much better idea……. The stoner decided to text his mother “911” claiming that her had been kidnapped by his drug dealer and that he would be killed if she didn’t deliver $200 to a specific location to cover his drug debt. Zachery’s mother concerned for her child’s well-being contacted the authorities, were they instructed her to agree to meet at the location to drop off the ransom in exchange for her son.

Police arrived at the location, only to find Zachery waiting outside, for his mom to come with the cash… Police confronted him regarding the ransom text that he had sent to his mother; which caused Zachery to flee the scene. Police eventually caught up with him and arrested him for making a “false report”.