Ghetto Rachet Beats Her Boss Down – With a Metal Plate

Lady Beats Her Boss Down, Because She was Late To Work

Waasohn Senite Dorliae has been arrested and charged with assault, due to the fact that she came into work late and her boss reprimanded  her for her poor attendance.  Instead of Ms, Dorliae simply apologizing for her being late, she decided to grab a metal plate from the kitchen and strike her manager over the head repeatedly until manger was almost unconscious, luckily employee’s stepped in to prevent the assault for going any further.

Police arrived to the scene and were able to arrest Ms. Dorliae for the alleged assault on her manager. When asked why did she attack her boss; She stated “He was discriminating against me and constantly nit-picking”

Waasohn has been charged with secondary assault and could face up to seven years in prison if convicted.